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JP Holley Funeral Home Re-Brand Kit

JP Holley Funeral Home currently has 3 locations and another in the works and we did all the design, marketing and advertising for all locations. EKGraphix re-branded their flyers, brochures, emblem and logo to create a seal instead. This new seal has allowed the Funeral Home to stand out from all of their local competitors while attracting new customers locally and out of town. We designed over 200 obituary programs across all locations as well as getting them billboard placements that worked best for the locations that weren't getting as much traffic as the others. The billboards were an overnight sensation and has since then caused that location to receive an influx of new customers. Each billboard design was carefully planned and thought out. After sitting down to learn his audience and his goals for this marketing campaign we knew that we had to convey the right message to make families feel secure. EKGraphix also setup the tables for the tradeshows and events while displaying the banners and marketing materials to catch the eyes of his audience.

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